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Free Ship Card Gujarat For SC ST Category Students & Full Details

What is a free ship card?

Free ship card Gujarat :The Government of India has implemented the Government of India Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for students belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities. Under this scheme, students who wish to get admission in self-governing institutions (private colleges or universities) and those who have got admission can get admission in Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes through ” Free Ship Card Gujarat ” without paying any fee. Thus, the students have to apply for a free ship card in the social welfare department of their district. He can then get a free ship card and get admission in a private college or university as he deems necessary. Thus, those students can get admission in independent institutions by presenting free ship card and waiving their payable fees.

Free Ship Card Scheme: An Understanding

Due to high tuition fees in self-financed colleges, children from economically backward families are deprived of admission. Because their financial situation is not so good that they can afford to pay such high tuition fees to get their children to study. But now it is possible.

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The government has implemented a “Free Ship Card” scheme under the “Post Matric Scholarship Scheme”. It has implemented “Free Ship Card” scheme for the noble purpose of enrolling students of Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe for study in self-help institutions without paying tuition fee at the time of admission. Free Ship Cards are issued to Scheduled Caste students who are eligible as per all the criteria as per Government of India’s Post Matric Scholarship Scheme. To get a free ship card, the annual income limit of the student’s family is Rs. Must be up to 2.50 lakh.

About Scheduled Caste Students

Resolution No. of the Tribal Development Department dated 11/06/2009: A resolution has been passed by the Government of India to exempt the Scheduled Caste students studying in self-financed colleges in Sakak / 202008 / N.B.3 / G from tuition fees. In which app. Provision has been made that income limit will not be applicable for Jana Jati students.

Resolution No. of the Education Department dated 19/06/2018: In Ajj / 2018/21 / B-1, a resolution has been passed to give free sheep card to the students of Scheduled Tribes in Post Matric Scholarship. In which Rs. The standard of income limit up to 2.50 lakh has been fixed. Letter No. of the Commissioner (AV) dated 26/07/2018 As the tuition fee is being paid in full to the girls with higher income in 314/512/18/18, a proposal has been made to the Commissioner (AV) to give them a free ship card.

Appropriate conditions to inform all the self-reliant institutions under the Department of Education for admission under the Free Ship Card

  • The District Backward Classes Welfare Officer will take adequate care of the students who are eligible for the Free Ship Card under the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme sponsored by the Government of India for the Scheduled Caste students.
  • These instructions of the Department of Education will be in force till the time this scheme of the Government of India is in force. It will then have to be considered an automatic cancellation.
  • After the commencement of the academic session in the self-reliant institutions affiliated to the Department of Education, the students of Scheduled Castes who will be eligible for the Free Ship Card under the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme sponsored by the Government of India. Considering the guarantee of the welfare officer, the same amount has to be returned to the student.

Documents required for free ship card Gujarat :

  1. Certified copy of Ration Card / Election Identity Card / Aadhaar Card
  2. Certified copy of first page of passbook for bank account number
  3. Certified copy of School Living Certificate
  4. Certified copy of Caste Certificate
  5. S.S.C. Attested copy of mark sheet of passed and subsequent academic year
  6. Certified copy of certificate of competent officer of last year’s annual income
  7. Certified copy of the annual income certificate of the previous year of the office / institution if the parents of the student are employed
  8. SSC. If there is a break in C and subsequent courses, the reason for it and what activity has been done and if the break time is more than 1 year, then during that time no scholarship has been obtained in any type of course and no job has been done. Will have to do.

Details In Gujarati : View PDF

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Thus students in SC-ST classes who are not able to pay the fees and cannot get admission due to very high fees in the self-reliant institutions can also get admission by waiving their payable tuition fees by presenting a free ship card.

Conclusion :

We have tried to provide simple and full detailed information in this blog post. The information is given as per the last 2022 Junior Clerk Bharti was taken. The future may change. Once you go to the official website, make a decision. Thank You so much for the Love and Support.


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